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Founded in 2007 in Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Urbanbutter is a wholesale multi-brand sales agency representing and distributing the most sought after international apparel in the outdoor, lifestyle and fashion market. 

It all started after the launch of an event designed to market and expose action sport brands to the public in a dynamic way. By introducing athletes and sport in an 

urban setting - this event was an incredible success! 

Through this Urbanbutter founder, Dwayne Schofield, noticed a void in the market. He discovered a company to change the method of wholesale clothing representation. Urbanbutter Creative Group Inc has changed the way select brands are presented, to not only retailers, but to the consumer as well. Urbanbutter’s innovative approach has been well received by both retail and wholesale partners. 
Urbanbutter is now a recognized four-time award winning agency in “Territory Development” and “Top Performance”.  Together, our group of 5 reps have established a philosophy of business and culture we are proud of, which has been the key to our success. 
We are rooted in the belief and practice of five core values:
- Product 
- Loyalty 
- Entrepreneurship 
- Integrity 
- Creativity 

The Urbanbutter team of seven extraordinary individuals relies on these values to make daily business decisions. We share our core values and integrate them into our work through a collaborative relationship with our clients and their shoppers.

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